Brake-ServicesAventura Auto Specialist auto service center is your one stop repair shop for all your vehicular needs. Our certified master mechanics will pay special attention to your braking system. We will check both front and back brakes to ensure that it functions properly.

Aventura Auto Specialist brake inspection starts with getting feedback from describing what problematic symptoms you have been experiencing. With this information, one of our trained mechanics will do a visual inspection of the braking system. Sometimes a lot can be learned by simply removing the wheel to expose the caliper. Worn brake pads are the common reason for braking problems, along with low levels of braking fluid in the reservoir. Back brakes will be changed and in some cases a readjustment is needed for better brakes and adjustment for the handbrakes as well.

Aventura Auto Specialist will provide all the necessary parts for repairs, so this saves you the hassle of running around looking for spare parts. We will flush your brake lines to remove air and moisture that affects the performance of your brakes. There is nothing within the braking system that we cannot service; including Ant—Lock Brakes. When you leave Aventura Auto Specialist you are guaranteed that you car is working in top condition.

Our services for brake repair include the following:

ABS System Brake Repair

Brake Adjustment

Brake Bleeding

Brake Fluid Change

Brake Inspection

Brake Kits

Brake Line Repair

Brake Pads Replacement

Brake Replacement Service

Brake Rotor / Drums Replacement

Disc Brake Repair

Front / Rear Brake Repair

High Performance Brakes

Parking – Emergency Brake