Every driver should take the time out to get to know his vehicle, because you never know when your vehicle might breakdown. And at least having an idea of what the problem is can lead to a solution. Preventative maintenance is always the better way to go when it comes taking care of your vehicle with our Aventura alternator repair and car starter services. And knowing about how your battery, vehicle starter and charging systems work will avoid the possibility of vehicular malfunction.Starter_and_Alternator

Car batteries consist of 12volts that stores an electrical charge that is released when you start the ignition. The positive and negative wires are connected to battery terminals that are fitted on the battery’s positive and negative poles. These wires run to the alternator where the electrical charge is processed by the starter and sent directly to the engine where it is use to activate the spark plugs that in turn ignites the combustible mixture of air and fuel to start the engine.

Once an engine has started it does not need the battery until the next time it has to start. In fact, if you disconnect your battery while you car engine is running you will see that the engine does not shut-off. However, the rest of the electrical systems in the car will not function properly without the battery and signs of dim dash-lights, houselights and headlights are all signs of lack of battery power.

The alternator generates electrical power it gets from the battery and redistributes this electrical energy to the vehicle’s electrical system. Your car battery is recharged by the alternator when the engine is running; this is the reason car batteries are able to be used over an extended period of time. Eventually the car battery needs to be replaced every two years. Many vehicle owners do not benefit from this long battery life because the battery tends to fail before this time period

Manufacturers defect is a possible cause for battery failure. If you are experiencing battery problems days, weeks or even a couple of months after purchasing a new battery, return it to the dealer you bought it from. Walk with your receipt and battery warranty to make the transaction move along quickly. The dealer will be able to verify that the battery is at fault by doing a quick test on the battery to see if there are any dead cells.

Another cause of battery, alternator and electrical problems is cars are due to poor maintenance of the battery. Battery poles are prone to corrosive build-up which reduces the electrical charge the battery outputs to the electrical system. The result is that the reduced electrical power causes the vehicle to shut-down; in some cases your car will not start due to this problem. The solution is to have your battery poles cleaned at our car service shop in Aventura and North Miami Beach. Disconnect the battery terminals and using very fine, light sand-paper removes the corrosive build-up around the poles and also on the inside of the battery terminals. Reconnect the battery poles and the vehicle will start.

Having an alternator that is not working properly will cause the battery not to recharge to full capacity. The problem will not be immediately noticed because of the battery’s capacity to hold an electrical charge. When the battery’s charge is used up by the vehicle’s electrical system it will fail. Bring your vehicle to our Aventura alternator repair shop and  our mechanic will do a series of tests on the battery, starter, and alternator to identify the problem. Your alternator might need to be repaired or replaced, or the alternator belt might have run slack on the alternator pulley, causing the battery not to recharge. Simply tightening the belt will solve the problem.

Harsh weather conditions are also possible for battery and electrical system failure. If it is too hot or cold outside then the fluid inside the battery cells could dry up or freeze and cause the battery to run dead. The solution is to switch to a maintenance free battery where you install and don’t have to worry about weather conditions. Also adding excessive music equipment and audio-visual players will quickly run down your car battery. Get a separate battery installed in your trunk for your entertainment systems to get power from.

Our mechanics and car starter repair team in Aventura is professionally trained to give your car, truck, SUV, or whatever you are driving, a complete inspection. We also offer repairs to any areas of your vehicle that are having battery, starter, or alternator problems. Even if you are not having obvious issues with your electrical system, still come to our Aventura alternator repair shop for a maintenance check, since a car can still operate with a developing problem. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere having car problems.

Our services for battery, charging and starting systems include the following:

Alternator Belt

Alternator Repair

Alternator Replacement

Alternator Tensioner

Alternator Testing

Alternator Troubleshooting

Battery Charge

Battery Load Test

Battery Maintenance

Battery Replacement

Battery Testing

Battery Troubleshooting

Ignition Switch

Starter Relay

Starter Repair

Starter Replacement