Brake-ServicesHaving working brakes is vital to the safety of you and anyone riding in your vehicle. If you suspect any problems with your brakes, it is important to have them immediately serviced by an experienced mechanic . If you want the best in brake service and replacement, check out Aventura Auto Specialist’s auto service center. Our certified master mechanics pay close attention to detail and will carefully check both the front and back brakes to ensure everything is working properly.

We start any braking system diagnosis by first getting your feedback and taking note of any problems you have been experiencing or strange noises you have heard. We will then have one of our trained mechanics visually assess the braking system. Many brake problems can simply be determined by removing the steering wheel and exposing the caliper. Worn brake pads or low levels of braking fluid in the reservoir are also common braking problems we see. We can also make adjustments to back brakes or hand brakes to ensure complete functionality.

We are a full-service shop that will provide all the parts necessary for our Aventura brake repair, pad replacement, and fluid change services, saving you valuable time. We will also perform a flush of the brake lines to remove any moisture or air that is inhibiting brake performance. We can provide expert service and repair for all types of braking systems, including anti-lock brakes. When you come to Aventura Auto Specialist for your brake repair service in Aventura, we guarantee your vehicle will leave in superb working condition.

Our services for brake repair include the following:

ABS System Brake Repair

Brake Adjustment

Brake Bleeding

Brake Fluid Change

Brake Inspection

Brake Kits

Brake Line Repair

Brake Pads Replacement

Brake Replacement Service

Brake Rotor / Drums Replacement

Disc Brake Repair

Front / Rear Brake Repair

High Performance Brakes

Parking – Emergency Brake