electricalAventura Auto Specialist is a trusted company when it comes to taking care of our clients Aventura auto electric repair problems. Many of the vehicular functions if not all; are linked into the electrical system. When there is an issue with insufficient power the systems begin to malfunction and could cause major damage.

Sometimes the problems are easy to fix, but then again only an experienced master mechanic at Aventura Auto Specialist will be able to rectify the more complex, time consuming problems. A proper diagnostic test is done to precisely identify where the problem is. We specialize in Aventura auto electric repair services, ensuring that all the components of the vehicle’s electrical system are checked out. The battery might be the issue, or the starter or the alternator; sometimes a couple fuses might have blown.

Early detection is key with issues regarding the electrical system on your vehicle. This is why, if you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system, booking an appointment with Aventura Auto Specialist, for an auto electric repair, is an imperative move. When it comes to your vehicle’s electrical system, no job is too small and every element in your vehicle has an integral part to play. From the lighting system, the power locks, brake lights, the engine starter, the door and power windows, the car light, to your radio, and much more, the electrical system in your vehicle is responsible for distributing energy to all these necessary parts on your vehicle. If you are in the Aventura area and need car light, door, or power window repairs, contact our shop today.

Your vehicle’s electrical system bridges all the computerized elements of your vehicle. If the vehicle wiring is faulty in the slightest degree, potential faults could cascade, ranging from the warning indicators on your dashboard to various engine control modules not functioning properly. This can cause much larger and pricier complications down the road. Unfortunately, if your electrical system fails you could be stuck on the road due to an accident from an issue like turn signal failure or a broken car brake light. Our Aventura based mechanics have learned from experience that scheduling regular preventative maintenance services is the key to protecting your car. Properly maintaining your vehicle’s electrical system will keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent those unwanted potential accidents or breakdowns in the future. And we, at Aventura Auto Specialist, are always here to assist you with all your auto electric repair needs.

We carry the latest technology in auto repair equipment operated by our certified staff, which will always find and solve your problem.

Our auto electric repairs services in Aventura include the following:

Brake Lamps

Cigarette Lighter

Cruise Control

Door Locks

Electrical Shorts

Engine Temperature Gauge


Fuel Gauge Repair

Fuse Replacement


Horn Repair

Ignition Switch

Ignition Switch Repair

Interior Lighting

Oil Pressure Indicator

Powered Mirrors

Powered Seating

Powered Windows

Stop Light Switch

Turn Signal Repair

Warning Chime

Window Defogger Switch

Windshield Wiper Motor

Windshield Wiper Washer