Heating-and-Cooling-SystemThe heat produced inside your car engine is similar to the heat inside a red hot furnace! For the engine to perform at optimum level it must be at a certain temperature to reach perfect fuel combustion. To ensure that your engine is performing to the best of its ability, contact our car heater and radiator repair team in Aventura. The function of the oil inside your engine is to lubricate the pistons and other moving parts. This makes it easy for the engine to move quickly in converting the fuel to energy, which gives the car the ability to accelerate. The exhaust system takes away some of the heat from the engine through its pipes. But the main function of keeping the engine at operating temperature belongs to the heating and cooling system; that includes the radiator, the water pump, the water hoses, the fan, the temperature gauge and the coolant.

Vehicles use a liquid cooling system where the coolant passes through the hoses and enters into the engine, where it takes away some of the heat. The coolant then passes out of the engine and into the radiator where the hot liquid is cooled in the radiator by the fan. The heat dissipates into the air and the coolant then re-enters the engine to repeat the process.

The water pump pushes the coolant into the engine where it moves around and a heat exchange between the engine and the coolant takes place. The hot coolant leaves the engine block where it passes near the thermostat. The thermostat acts as a failsafe to ensure that the engine is always at a constant temperature. The coolant returns to the pump where it will be sent back into the engine if the thermostat is closed. However, the coolant will make its way back to the radiator to be cooled once the thermostat is open.

The function of the radiator is to provide the coolant to cool the engine and also as a central point to dissipate the heat that the coolant brought back from the engine. As it’s important that your engine does not overheat, make sure that you bring your vehicle to our shop in Aventura for regular radiator repairs and coolant flush services. Radiators are made from heat resistant plastic or aluminum. The shape of a radiator is square with a design that looks like fins. Radiators carry an inlet and an outlet to allow coolant to leave and re-enter into it. The fins are made specifically to allow the fastest dispersion of heat in the shortest possible time. If the fluid in the radiator took too long to cool back down the coolant will re-enter the engine at a much higher temperature. This means that the coolant will be less likely to take away heat from the engine block.

After a prolonged time in this situation the engine block begins to overheat. To compensate for this the coolant returns to the water pump more often than it should, always recycling the same hot coolant. Heat pressure builds inside the engine and the cooling components such as the hoses, the water pump, temperature gauge and the radiator eventually malfunction.

These fins are specially designed – called tubular fins – to extract the heat from the coolant and transfer it into the air. For the fins system to be effective the hot coolant must come into contact with the fins for heat transfer to take place. The tubular fins by virtue of its design cause the coolant to pass through the radiator squishing around all of the liquid over the fins for maximum heat transfer.

At the side of the radiator is a plastic reservoir connected to the radiator that also holds a decent amount of coolant. Whenever the coolant level drops within the radiator, the fluid in the reservoir automatically replaces it, saving the radiator from underperforming.

We will keep your car operating in great shape with our Aventura shop’s radiator and heater repair services. Our expert mechanics will go through your car with a fine tooth comb to uncover what the problem is. Our team also prides itself in being honest with our customers. Before any radiator repair, heating, or cooling system work is done, a job estimate is carried out and you will know the cost of repairs before we even start. We are as professional as they come during our services.

Our services for cooling systems include the following:

Coolant Change (Flush)

Coolant Filter

Coolant Reservoir Tank

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Cooling Fan Repair

Heater Core Flush

Heater Core Repair

Heater Hose

Radiator Cap

Radiator Coolant

Radiator Hoses

Radiator Leaks

Radiator Repair

Radiator Thermostat

Water Pump Gaskets

Water Pump Hose

Water Pump Repair & Service