car-suspensionGood suspension in your car is what makes it possible to control the vehicle while driving. Car suspension works by absorbing the shock from the wheels as it travels along the road, giving the wheels the ability to continue following the road without losing control. The vehicle’s suspension also prevents the shock of traveling to reach the frame of the car, saving passengers the discomfort of shaking about the place.

When your vehicle suspension is working properly you can enjoy a smooth ride. At our shop, our expert Aventura car suspension repair technicians will take excellent care of your steering and suspension needs. It is important to replace your struts and shocks when they have become worn both for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and the maintenance of the car. Driving under the conditions of faulty suspension will lead to accelerated tire wear and tear, poor fuel consumption and a higher maintenance cost when you have to eventually fix the problem.

A self-test is a good sign that your suspension needs repairing. Simply press down on the front edge of the car-hood where the suspension is. If the car is easy to pump up and down and the car comes up similar to a ball under water, then the shocks are said to be dead; meaning that it needs to be changed. Do these self-test throughout the four corners of your car and then Aventura Auto Specialist will see that the proper struts and shock replacements in Aventura are outfitted on your car.

Rest assured that our Aventura car suspension repair team will do a thorough routine inspection of your suspension::

  • If there are any leaks or other damage we will find it.
  • The way your vehicle handles on the road will tell us a lot about the state of your suspension.
  • Your tires will also be scrutinized for uneven tire wear, which is an indication of poor suspension.

Most drivers cannot image life without power steering because of how easy it is to drive a vehicle. That is why car owners should pay attention to the power-steering pump that contains the power-steering fluid. Low levels of fluid will make the steering feel lumpy to the touch which can damage the mechanism. Either top-up the fluid or check your hose for a possible leak.

Power steering fluid is a great multi-tasker because it lubricates cools and cleans the entire system, keeping it at optimum performance. Regular oil changes are essential if you want to keep the power steering system working properly. Aventura Auto Specialist will flush out out your steering system to rid of contaminated fluid and contaminants. Come in today and take advantage of our power steering flush service. You can be certain that your vehicle will be refilled by manufacturer’s specified power steering fluid. That is because at Aventura Auto Specialist we take pride in our customers satisfaction.

Our Aventura car suspension repair and steering services includes the following components:

  • Shock absorbers & struts
  • CV joints/boots
  • CV axle
  • Rack and pinion units
  • Ball joints
  • Bushings
  • Sway bars
  • Tie rods
  • Wheel bearings