One of the most important components of your vehicle’s functionality is the transmission. When you need expert Aventura transmission repair service, come see the certified technicians at Aventura Auto Specialist. Our team has over 15 years of experience and we can assess any transmission issues you are experiencing and provide a quote for service and repair. The transmission works to deliver power from the engine to the drive wheels, shifting automatically to provide the right amount of power, depending on the speed at which you are traveling. To ensure the gears can function properly, transmission fluid is used to cool and lubricate the gears. Over time, the fluid begins to degrade. With our Aventura transmission repair service, we provide fluid change and flush services to ensure that your transmission can function properly.


By having regular transmission fluid changes, you can reduce the wear and tear on the transmission, saving you time and money in the long run. We can also work on a variety of other transmission related issues, including:

Automatic transmission

  • rebuilt
  • exchange
  • torque converter
  • Fluid and filter service
  • Transmission cooler
  • Electronic diagnostic

manual /standard transmission

  • rebuilt
  • exchange
  • gear shift repairs
  • clutch/pressure plate
  • bearing

Front wheel drive

  • Cv joint
  • Wheel bearing
  • Front wheel drive
  • Transfer case

Rear ends/ differentials

  • rebuilt
  • exchange
  • ring &  pignon
  • axles
  • bearing seals

With automobiles being as advanced as they have become, we often wonder how much maintenance is really needed. They pretty much run until a service light is displayed on your dashboard. But, to keep your vehicle functioning at an ideal level, you should not wait for that warning light. Think of your vehicle as a human body and you could compare the routine work that we mentioned: Having regular transmission fluid changes on a regular basis, to having annual well visits at your doctor’s office. You don’t always wait until you get sick to go to the doctors. So, you make the annual appointment to ensure that your body is functioning as it should. You have a good visit, and, hopefully, there are no issues found. Similarly, regular and preventative maintenance of your vehicle’s transmission are critical components to protecting your transmission. Routine transmission inspections paired with a fluid change and flush at our Aventura shop, will help maintain your transmission.

Transmission maintenance, repair, and replacement is a highly specialized skill set. The repair or replacement of a transmission can be a rather large job. Transmission repairs can also be expensive, but like doctor visits, do not let that scare you. Our ASE, AATI, ALL DATA, certified auto technicians, are skilled, proficient experts, who are highly versed in both minor and major auto repairs. Our primary goal at our transmission repair shop in Aventura is to provide our customers with the utmost quality in customer service and service your vehicle, so that you remain safe and secure on the road. Your vehicle’s transmission repair and service needs are paramount to our Certified Technicians who will inform and assist you with the best options.

Do you live in the Aventura area and need transmission repair, or fluid change services for your vehicle? Reach out to our team to schedule your appointment today! We look forward to working with you and getting you and your vehicle back on the road.